Sunday, June 26, 2011


O.M.G it has been like FOREVER since I blogged. Sorry about that all my followers… That’s you Chris, Zac and Ann.

-Crushes in bear hug-

I just appreciate you guys so much. Unlike you other people who read and don’t show YOUR appreciation (I really do love you guys, don’t stop reading please), and I know you exist because I have 717 PAGE VIEWS! Hells yeah

-Dances around happily-

Ok, down to business, so after last months blog about feeling and such.

-Retches in corner-

I have had absolutely not motivation, in anyway, shape or form, to write. Well that is until today. Because today… today I was inspired.

-Gazes into distance with wistful hope-

Decisions are the most important thing in your life, they make you who you are, where you come from and what you will ultimately be. Deep? Yes of course it is. Make you feel much better? No probably not. Should you keep reading this?

Well I certainly hope so.

If you are reading this right now:
1. I love you (not sexually, but in a desperate blogger kind of way).
2. You have made the decision to continue reading, and a good decision too.

So there can be different types of decisions. There are the little ones like “Should I have jam or honey on my toast this morning?”… Ahh that made me hungry.

-Fetches toast from kitchen-

I choose jam incase you were wondering. Anyway… off track a little… where was I? Right. Then there are the big decisions like “What am I going to do for a Career” or “Should I have a kid” or “Should I get married”… ok maybe married before the kid… but who am I to judge?

Say your studying to be a lawyer, and an opportunity comes up that offers you the chance to study history and predict future trends on the basis of trends seen in the past.

Using the above example (change it as you so desire) as my basis for discussion today I am going to cover the main bases.
1.  Money
2.  Time
3. Opportunities
4. What make you happy?

Money is important, I know a lot of people who need money, rave it… it seems to them almost like a drug. But it’s true.

You need money to support a family (thinking long term here). You need money to buy a house, to buy food and to take girls out on dates (HINT). And without a paying career you can’t do that.

When choosing a career you have to consider where you want to be in 10 years. Do you want to be in a courtroom everyday? Or do you want to be somewhere in some country doing things that will impact on not just our generation, but also the future generations?

Ok so I don’t like lawyers… so a little bias here… BUT I HATE THEM SO MUCH!

-Punches pillow fiercely-

I mean they are so boring… Ok so 4 of my cousins are lawyers… and I love them, but still grrr.

So you took the history job… lets say AU$50,000 a year is said to be enough to support a family. Maybe you wont have an amazing house or a sports car or stuff that you would have as higher paying lawyer.

Are you a person who needs material goods? Because some people are and I respect that, and maybe this particular blog isn’t right to help you make this type of decision. For example: For me, wanting to be a cop, I know I won’t get all the worldly possessions that I want. I know I won’t get a big house, or property or any of those things that seem important in today’s society. But it is something I know I will love doing.

Time is an important fact to look at when considering an occupation. Some jobs don’t let you have much time to yourself (like lawyers). While others are seasonal in a way. You have to consider things like:
1. How much time will I have to see my friends.
2. How much time will I be able to spend with my family.
3. How much time will there be to go on holidays.

I guess there isn’t really that much to cover here.

-Twiddles thumbs-

What opportunities are there for you in the occupation that you are considering… if it is low paying are there opportunities for you to be promoted and such… I really don’t have that much to say in this topic either.

-Waits patiently for thought-

Oh! Ummm… wait never mind…

-Continues to wait patiently for thought-

Yeah nah, got nothing…

What makes you happy?
Ok so for this section totally forget EVERYTHING I just said. Done? No?

-Hits reader in head with baseball bat-


This is probably the most important part. The “home run” if you like. A career is going to be a complete and utter dud if you don’t like it. My friend she hates kids… so she became a teacher… all right a little odd but she actually loves it. And example of a poor career choice: A vegetarian becoming a butcher. I cannot stress enough that your job has to be something that you like. No more than that, you have to LOVE your job.

I don’t want you (my loyal reader) to be stuck in a job that you don’t want to be in.

So, yes.

-Claps hands together-

In conclusion, I may not be the best person to give you advice on this. I believe you should go where your heart takes you, because in the end it doesn’t matter what you are doing, or how much money you’re earning. It all depends on whether you are happy. And plus you can always go back to law, but opportunities like the history thing don’t come up very often.

-Game show voice-

So that concludes this month’s topic of discussion… DECISIONS! Stay tuned for next month’s topic… (Insert topic here). It is going to be fantastic… I know it. You know it. We all know it.

No that that fact has been established…  everyone knows it… SO WHY DON’T YOU COMMENT! I had some lovely comments last time. Chris used my given name… (Not appreciated) because now all my adoring fans will be able to track me down and set up a camp in my front yard… and getting to school would be an incredible pain… What am I saying?

-Begins preparations for an adoring mob-

So I leave you today with the following amazing pickup line supplied by the top pimp of my school Andrew:

“Dude your pants… I want in.”

Thanks for reading and keep tuned. (Also comment)

-Points down-

Here… not too difficult.