Friday, May 06, 2011



Ok so I am back by popular demand after 295 views!

-Again bows deeply to computer screen-

Thank you, thank you!

-Holds hands in air and accepts the roses raining down-

-Large underpants lands on head-

OMG! What is that? Why a people throwing sheets? Oh they're undies… well at least they are clean… I hope.

This Blog is going to be in quiet a different style to my other blogs. Instead of  a list of thing that will help you, helpful hints and what not. This is going to be more along the lines of personal experiences.

-Audience groans-

Hey! You think I am going to be enjoying this? NO! But I felt that this needed something a little extra, cause perfection is the biggest load of bull if I have ever seen a big load of bull.

-Throws perfection in blender and switches blender to high-

Everyone has had to face the torment of been bullied… it is expected. The level of severity however varies among individuals. I was bullied (yes, no need to read it again, the pure awesomeness that is myself, was bullied) and I still am today.

Perfection is a big thing in High School. Kids a faced with the stereotypes everyday, people telling them how they should act, what they should wear, how they talk, look, makeup, EVERYTHING!

The idea of perfection is everywhere you go. Movies, friends, schools, parents… STRANGERS! The list is infinite. You hear people, “Why can’t you be more like Jane, she always cleans her room and listens to her parents.” And yet little do they know that Jane is actually a wild-party-slut-with-no-regard-to-anyone-else-but-herself. Do they really want you to be like that? No I wouldn’t think so.

Been a woman I don’t pretend what it is like to be a man growing up in this world… I am sure they are faced with as many stereotypes as women. They have to be strong, tall, built, tanned, etc. You know the usual blah blah of the magazines.

Women are faced with the idea that to fit in, to be “popular”, they have to have blonde hair, big boobs, be reading minus something on the scales, have a foot size under 5 and only be between the height of 5ft and 5ft 7inches. Me… I have none of those, and honestly I don’t give a damn.

But it is not always what’s on the outside that has to be perfect. And this point I have to stress. Yesterday, I found out my best-friend sees me as an “on and off friend”. As you can imagine this cut me pretty deep.

I know I won’t be able to tell her things like I would write here. About trying to be perfect. I always thought I was above all that. But I am not. I tried to change myself throughout years 7-9. And that’s a big thing for someone that age. I didn’t have friends, not close ones. I don’t think anything was wrong with me… but maybe there was, people said things.

But, I was never truly unhappy. I had my horse and my friends out there. Years 11 and now 12, I changed myself to fit into what I thought a best friend should be like. I had never had one before, not like this, so I did stuff I thought they would do. Changed my world upside down and sacrificed a lot too.

I thought I was becoming the perfect friend… but now it seems like a waste.

She changed groups and it’s confusing… she wont talk to me, like really talk and I don’t know what I did.

This blog was never meant to be like this, me complaining about how crap my life is… in fact my life is amazing, this is only a bump in the road.

But, I think that by writing this and people reading it that they will learn that changing yourself doesn’t always make you fit in. and you know what. That’s fine. Because you will find someone, a group, that will make you feel at home.

In university, you are around people who are going to be studying the same things as you and you wont have to change what you really want to be, who you are.

I guess the moral of this story is, yes you will get pushed around. Made into a person who, for a while, you might think of as perfect. But they’re not you.



Well that was incredibly difficult, none of you better get used to this, i was simply showing you that it can happen the to best and most modest of us. So, enough with all the mushy crap, been perfect is a myth. Remember that.

Oh and ladies and gentlemen…. If I didn’t make it clear enough last post… how bout moving your lazy fingers and writing a comment. (I do love you people, really).

But seriously comment… Now.

-Points finger down-

Right here…

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