Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Blog / Reading Advice

So this would be my first blog… warning it may contain traces of shit.

-Scratches head-

So I thought that my idea behind all this would be “Surviving High School For The Bullied”. It will contain personal stories from myself and friends from school… I thought it best to use code names for my friends:

They are meant to identify something about each of them… don’t know how successful that will be.

-Frowns to self, trying to figure out something to write-

It’s weird isn’t that when you actually go to sit down and you can’t think of anything even though you spent three days thinking about it.

-Sits in front of computer screen for 10 minutes-

So I guess before anything I should really tell you about myself. On here (the virtual world of amazingness) I am known a Bellator “Bella” Solus… translating to “Solo Warrior” which is what I am… kind of just happened. And honestly not the best thing that has ever happened it me.

Yes this year… the dreaded YEAR 12! Final year. Last year of school. Tests. Stress. HSC! Can’t honestly say that I am looking that forward to it… I mean although I have been through a lot of shit in my schooling life I have finally found my niche.

I am a single child… not really. I have ONE brother…. Though many would agree with me to say that he is completely awful… probably the equivalent of 10 brothers... ok so that may be a slight exaggeration but it demostrates my point.

I find sanctuary in novels. Many, many novels… though that’s good. If your a total bookworm don’t freak and HIGH FIVE!

-Raises hand in air and waits for response-

Oh I see how it is. But really if you are so involved in some books that they have an effect on your “social life” (or lack of) you can always count to find people at school who are the same. I have picked up in the school library before (yes, it is possible… YES he was hot!) I would name him but “complete-cheating-arsehole-who-thinks-he-is-the-most-amazing-person-on-the-planet-and-doesn’t-need-to-respect-anyone-but-himself”  doesn't translate very well.

Things to look out for when finding said people:

1.Observe coming and going from library

2. If you believe that you can successfully infiltrate the library without been noticed DO THIS remember to look in quiet corners and places that people would go to be avoided. WARNING: there are some weirdo’s in the local library… proceed with caution

3. If you are really good and been “invisible” sneak look over hot guys/girls shoulders when they are packing their bags. You may notice that they, yes these people have a book in their bag. Now you have to subtly ask what they are reading, but it is even better if you can see the cover. Good start to conversation “Hey, I’ve read that! You’re the first person I have seen with it though are you enjoying it” obviously this doesn’t work with well know books like Harry Potter or Twilight. (Why any guy would be reading Twilight is beyond me… but who am I to judge?)

I will post a blog later about the Dos and Don’ts of pickup lines. For now however I leave u to ponder the meaning of life… oh wait I didn’t discuss that… shame…

 Don’t know how much this will help. Feel free to ask for advice and such or just stay tuned for the next blog… in perhaps a few weeks. With all the half yearly shit going on -_-

Farewell, Bella