Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Bit of non-related poetry...

I have been studying my ass off and had no time for you... my lovely, beautiful, loyal followers. That's all 4 of you.

-shakes head disbelieving- 

Anyway to keep you occupied for the next month until I finish exams I am willingly (forcefully) putting up some pieces from my own poetry... I have been a little obsessed with love lately because I have been watching to much Disney and not getting out enough. I actually crave Disney... and have you noticed in the 3rd Cinderella how HOT she is... like OMG!

Anyway this piece I titled My Fair Knight:

My fair Knight wrote to me,
A poem of what could have been.
It was full of love and life,
And his longing for a wife.

His poem was short and sweet.
About how we must meet.
Before the sun must rest tonight,
Our silent love must take flight.

So I rode through that bush today,
Listening carefully for a neigh.
Oh my father would not like,
If he knew of this here hike.

Bushes rustled, birds did call,
Leaves twisted, what a fall!
A creek gurgled close nearby,
And soon my heart did fly!

For coming through the knotted trees.
Was just the man I wished to see.
So strong and brave on his steed,
At last my locked heart was freed!

His vibrant eyes, shady hair,
Coat swing wildly, not a care.
Time did stop in place,
 He began to pick up pace.

He ran to me, a swift embrace,
I didn’t even see his face.
His arms were bare and warm,
Breathing like a thunder storm.

We stood there in the shade,
But soon the sun began to fade.
And with our final kiss,
Something I would dearly miss.

He was gone back into the dark,
But he certainly left a mark.
I could feel his friendly ghost,
Using my body as a host.

The days following were oddly lame,
And no more letters ever came.
I began to believe he had forgotten me,
And gone to live wild and free.

My father pushed me to marry,
A heavy burden for me to carry.
I was crying and screaming,
But he just sat there beaming.

Tired days turned to dead weeks,
I soon began to really freak.
What if he never came?
I didn’t even know his name!

But what difference would it make,
He may even be fake.
A figment of my imagination,
Fuelling my fascination.

Soon the dreaded day arrived,
For me to become a bride.
Waiting in the tiny carriage,
For soon there would be a marriage.

Right past the jail cells,
I startle when I hear a yell.
My hair flew as I look,
Our eyes meet and I was hooked.

I leapt from the cart then,
Like a wild flailing hen.
Our soft moist lips meeting,
However it was very fleeting.

For soon I was pulled away,
Slapped across my face dismayed.
Pulled along by arm and palm,
With each step increasing harm.

Home that night I held myself,
Not giving a rat about my health.
I didn’t wish to eat or drink,
Just giving me time to think.

I snuck out on the third night,
Constantly ready for a fight.
To the top of the wall,
Praying to God I won’t fall.

Along the quiet streets I run,
Unbelieving I used to call this fun.
Into the jail house with a bag,
The man in charge having a fag.

I hand over the bag of gold,
Wondering if I should fold.
But he took the key from next him,
And clasped the red-hot rim.

He slowly turned the key in the lock,
The screeching seemed a laughing mock.
The door squeaked ajar,
And he saw me from a far.

He walked suspiciously towards it,
As though he might not fit.
He fell into my embrace,
With complete and utter grace.

The man in charge turns a blind eye,
As we wave a hysterical goodbye.
Together we walk the lonely streets,
Not knowing what we might meet.

For us the country was our home,
Next to a creek with fluffy white foam.
We walk closely together then,
Neatly towards the very end.

Hope you enjoyed.... If so comment PLEASE... right here.

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Great. I'll post something else in a weeks time or so :D

Sunday, June 26, 2011


O.M.G it has been like FOREVER since I blogged. Sorry about that all my followers… That’s you Chris, Zac and Ann.

-Crushes in bear hug-

I just appreciate you guys so much. Unlike you other people who read and don’t show YOUR appreciation (I really do love you guys, don’t stop reading please), and I know you exist because I have 717 PAGE VIEWS! Hells yeah

-Dances around happily-

Ok, down to business, so after last months blog about feeling and such.

-Retches in corner-

I have had absolutely not motivation, in anyway, shape or form, to write. Well that is until today. Because today… today I was inspired.

-Gazes into distance with wistful hope-

Decisions are the most important thing in your life, they make you who you are, where you come from and what you will ultimately be. Deep? Yes of course it is. Make you feel much better? No probably not. Should you keep reading this?

Well I certainly hope so.

If you are reading this right now:
1. I love you (not sexually, but in a desperate blogger kind of way).
2. You have made the decision to continue reading, and a good decision too.

So there can be different types of decisions. There are the little ones like “Should I have jam or honey on my toast this morning?”… Ahh that made me hungry.

-Fetches toast from kitchen-

I choose jam incase you were wondering. Anyway… off track a little… where was I? Right. Then there are the big decisions like “What am I going to do for a Career” or “Should I have a kid” or “Should I get married”… ok maybe married before the kid… but who am I to judge?

Say your studying to be a lawyer, and an opportunity comes up that offers you the chance to study history and predict future trends on the basis of trends seen in the past.

Using the above example (change it as you so desire) as my basis for discussion today I am going to cover the main bases.
1.  Money
2.  Time
3. Opportunities
4. What make you happy?

Money is important, I know a lot of people who need money, rave it… it seems to them almost like a drug. But it’s true.

You need money to support a family (thinking long term here). You need money to buy a house, to buy food and to take girls out on dates (HINT). And without a paying career you can’t do that.

When choosing a career you have to consider where you want to be in 10 years. Do you want to be in a courtroom everyday? Or do you want to be somewhere in some country doing things that will impact on not just our generation, but also the future generations?

Ok so I don’t like lawyers… so a little bias here… BUT I HATE THEM SO MUCH!

-Punches pillow fiercely-

I mean they are so boring… Ok so 4 of my cousins are lawyers… and I love them, but still grrr.

So you took the history job… lets say AU$50,000 a year is said to be enough to support a family. Maybe you wont have an amazing house or a sports car or stuff that you would have as higher paying lawyer.

Are you a person who needs material goods? Because some people are and I respect that, and maybe this particular blog isn’t right to help you make this type of decision. For example: For me, wanting to be a cop, I know I won’t get all the worldly possessions that I want. I know I won’t get a big house, or property or any of those things that seem important in today’s society. But it is something I know I will love doing.

Time is an important fact to look at when considering an occupation. Some jobs don’t let you have much time to yourself (like lawyers). While others are seasonal in a way. You have to consider things like:
1. How much time will I have to see my friends.
2. How much time will I be able to spend with my family.
3. How much time will there be to go on holidays.

I guess there isn’t really that much to cover here.

-Twiddles thumbs-

What opportunities are there for you in the occupation that you are considering… if it is low paying are there opportunities for you to be promoted and such… I really don’t have that much to say in this topic either.

-Waits patiently for thought-

Oh! Ummm… wait never mind…

-Continues to wait patiently for thought-

Yeah nah, got nothing…

What makes you happy?
Ok so for this section totally forget EVERYTHING I just said. Done? No?

-Hits reader in head with baseball bat-


This is probably the most important part. The “home run” if you like. A career is going to be a complete and utter dud if you don’t like it. My friend she hates kids… so she became a teacher… all right a little odd but she actually loves it. And example of a poor career choice: A vegetarian becoming a butcher. I cannot stress enough that your job has to be something that you like. No more than that, you have to LOVE your job.

I don’t want you (my loyal reader) to be stuck in a job that you don’t want to be in.

So, yes.

-Claps hands together-

In conclusion, I may not be the best person to give you advice on this. I believe you should go where your heart takes you, because in the end it doesn’t matter what you are doing, or how much money you’re earning. It all depends on whether you are happy. And plus you can always go back to law, but opportunities like the history thing don’t come up very often.

-Game show voice-

So that concludes this month’s topic of discussion… DECISIONS! Stay tuned for next month’s topic… (Insert topic here). It is going to be fantastic… I know it. You know it. We all know it.

No that that fact has been established…  everyone knows it… SO WHY DON’T YOU COMMENT! I had some lovely comments last time. Chris used my given name… (Not appreciated) because now all my adoring fans will be able to track me down and set up a camp in my front yard… and getting to school would be an incredible pain… What am I saying?

-Begins preparations for an adoring mob-

So I leave you today with the following amazing pickup line supplied by the top pimp of my school Andrew:

“Dude your pants… I want in.”

Thanks for reading and keep tuned. (Also comment)

-Points down-

Here… not too difficult.


Friday, May 06, 2011



Ok so I am back by popular demand after 295 views!

-Again bows deeply to computer screen-

Thank you, thank you!

-Holds hands in air and accepts the roses raining down-

-Large underpants lands on head-

OMG! What is that? Why a people throwing sheets? Oh they're undies… well at least they are clean… I hope.

This Blog is going to be in quiet a different style to my other blogs. Instead of  a list of thing that will help you, helpful hints and what not. This is going to be more along the lines of personal experiences.

-Audience groans-

Hey! You think I am going to be enjoying this? NO! But I felt that this needed something a little extra, cause perfection is the biggest load of bull if I have ever seen a big load of bull.

-Throws perfection in blender and switches blender to high-

Everyone has had to face the torment of been bullied… it is expected. The level of severity however varies among individuals. I was bullied (yes, no need to read it again, the pure awesomeness that is myself, was bullied) and I still am today.

Perfection is a big thing in High School. Kids a faced with the stereotypes everyday, people telling them how they should act, what they should wear, how they talk, look, makeup, EVERYTHING!

The idea of perfection is everywhere you go. Movies, friends, schools, parents… STRANGERS! The list is infinite. You hear people, “Why can’t you be more like Jane, she always cleans her room and listens to her parents.” And yet little do they know that Jane is actually a wild-party-slut-with-no-regard-to-anyone-else-but-herself. Do they really want you to be like that? No I wouldn’t think so.

Been a woman I don’t pretend what it is like to be a man growing up in this world… I am sure they are faced with as many stereotypes as women. They have to be strong, tall, built, tanned, etc. You know the usual blah blah of the magazines.

Women are faced with the idea that to fit in, to be “popular”, they have to have blonde hair, big boobs, be reading minus something on the scales, have a foot size under 5 and only be between the height of 5ft and 5ft 7inches. Me… I have none of those, and honestly I don’t give a damn.

But it is not always what’s on the outside that has to be perfect. And this point I have to stress. Yesterday, I found out my best-friend sees me as an “on and off friend”. As you can imagine this cut me pretty deep.

I know I won’t be able to tell her things like I would write here. About trying to be perfect. I always thought I was above all that. But I am not. I tried to change myself throughout years 7-9. And that’s a big thing for someone that age. I didn’t have friends, not close ones. I don’t think anything was wrong with me… but maybe there was, people said things.

But, I was never truly unhappy. I had my horse and my friends out there. Years 11 and now 12, I changed myself to fit into what I thought a best friend should be like. I had never had one before, not like this, so I did stuff I thought they would do. Changed my world upside down and sacrificed a lot too.

I thought I was becoming the perfect friend… but now it seems like a waste.

She changed groups and it’s confusing… she wont talk to me, like really talk and I don’t know what I did.

This blog was never meant to be like this, me complaining about how crap my life is… in fact my life is amazing, this is only a bump in the road.

But, I think that by writing this and people reading it that they will learn that changing yourself doesn’t always make you fit in. and you know what. That’s fine. Because you will find someone, a group, that will make you feel at home.

In university, you are around people who are going to be studying the same things as you and you wont have to change what you really want to be, who you are.

I guess the moral of this story is, yes you will get pushed around. Made into a person who, for a while, you might think of as perfect. But they’re not you.



Well that was incredibly difficult, none of you better get used to this, i was simply showing you that it can happen the to best and most modest of us. So, enough with all the mushy crap, been perfect is a myth. Remember that.

Oh and ladies and gentlemen…. If I didn’t make it clear enough last post… how bout moving your lazy fingers and writing a comment. (I do love you people, really).

But seriously comment… Now.

-Points finger down-

Right here…

Bye for now,

Monday, April 25, 2011

How to talk to someone you fancy on Facebook:

Hail friends and family! So my first blog went well… with 181 VIEWS!! OMG!

-Bows dramatically to the computer screen-

Oh your applause is well deserved. However, your support has given me the desire to write something else… about stalking people on Facebook!

-Rereads title-

I mean… ‘Talking’ to someone you fancy on Facebook. HA what was I thinking? It has come to my attention that some people seem to hold the inability to talk to the opposite sex in the way of ‘flirting’… and on the computer! I can imagine them in person… oh though rather not.

But don’t worry… don’t freak… everyone is like that at some point in their life. All it takes it practice, practice and… you guessed it… ice-cream.

So never fear, I am here now to ease your troubles. These 10 easy to follow points will hopefully give you some idea.  

1. Be confident – Confidence is the key ingredient to any good flirt. And flirting is the beginning to any good relationship… that’s right isn’t it…. You know that I am telling the truth. Oh, you’re trying to deny it? Well… YOU’RE WRONG… and I am right. Deal with it.

2. Be yourself – Probably the most important point here... Been yourself with the person you are talking to will help prevent any problems in the future… All to often I experience the heart break that people feel when they find out that “MR PERFECT” isn’t really that perfect after all. Instead they were only this alter-ego that they had created in order to get the girl they wanted… Well I have news for you boys… Girls, you see, they like to talk… mainly about boys. You get a bad reputation with one… The chances of you dating anyone in her ‘group’ have significantly dropped. Same goes for the girls… but if the guy finds you attractive enough he will probably get you anyway…

3. Jokes – Laugh and join in with their jokes… if they talk about Guard-Grizzly bears, you come back with Guard-Grizzly Bears wearing snorkels because you live in a Submarine… Use your imagination people like that kind of thing. However don’t over do it. This could freak them out.

4. Subtle – Subtly is a very important thing. Though BEWARE there is a line between subtle and… nothing. You do have to give the occasional winks, smiles, clich├ęs… etc. etc. If you do not understand the basic idea behind this you are either a complete fail of a romantic... confused OR a male.

5. Agree with everything – ok when I say ‘everything’ I don’t mean ‘EVERYTHING’ ok! I am not saying: “march out that door and go to their house because they asked you too”… So don’t put words in my mouth, you hear! What I am saying is if they say they like unicorns… YOU BETTER LIKE UNICORNS! Really not that difficult now is it… Good.

6. Ramble on about stuff that makes no sense – much like the early point about submarines and Grizzly bears wearing snorkels… These ramblings can get you out of any situation… When you are lost for words, make something up. Hint for this: Think of an animal, object and place… combine them and say something like “Hey, imagine what would happen is a Kangaroo with bubbles went to China…” this will hopefully create laughs… if not you’re talking to someone with no personality and they are obviously not worth the time and effort and your complete and utter amazingness… Oh sorry I will stop talking about myself.

7. Use big words – either he/she or you will set a standard of language used in the conversation. Reading helps in this case… Large words with deep meanings can help portray information on a deeper scale… Shakespeareain is always useful… though make sure you actually know what you’re talking about. Hint: use your thesaurus. This point helps when the person you are talking to is older then you… you HAVE to act mature! Hint: Write some poems in your spare time. This will allow you to give all your words a second meaning… don’t write a poem about the person your interested in and give it to them… that’s just weird.

8. Try to avoid saying how hot they are – try and wait for the other person to make that move… if neither are responding slip in a SUBTLE hint that is flattering and funny. Try and make it relevant to the conversation drop little hints about how cute/pretty/handsome/amazing/beautiful they are… this takes a little practice and I don’t recommend that you start this with only a little experience.

9. Act generally interested in what they are saying – This point will go a long way when trying to learn more about the person that your interested in. The opposite sex, you may realize talks a lot about nothing that is of any interest to the mind that you reside in. Ok girls… when talking to boys try and avoid topics on shoes and makeup. Boys… try and not talk about your dicks and shooting things… that’s always a good start. The quicker you find a mutual topic of discussion, the better your chances.

10. Getting a phone number – Oh, the finial step to successfully start talking to your love interest. This part is easy. Normally it works better if you are the one that is leaving, but don’t stress it works either way. If you are leaving: “Ah no. I gtg to work/study, any chance I can have your number incase I get bored?” you got to ‘pretty’ this up a little with compliments and what not. If the other person is leaving, the sentence is generally reversed: “Hey I’ll give you my number and you can text me if you get bored?” You may have noticed that the person who is leaving holds the power… so if you feel the other person is about to leave… step in first. Or when they say “gtg” say you have to go too, and use the above line.

So y’all, hope this helps. I know that certain people out there will appreciate my advice given here… SO HOW ABOUT YOU SHOW IT AND COMMENT ONCE IN A WHILE…

-Death stares computer-

Ok so I may be feeling a little unappreciated. But really comment, or message me and tell me how my advice helped… or didn’t because there is a chance that it wont.

Catch you all later,
Bella Solus    

Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Blog / Reading Advice

So this would be my first blog… warning it may contain traces of shit.

-Scratches head-

So I thought that my idea behind all this would be “Surviving High School For The Bullied”. It will contain personal stories from myself and friends from school… I thought it best to use code names for my friends:

They are meant to identify something about each of them… don’t know how successful that will be.

-Frowns to self, trying to figure out something to write-

It’s weird isn’t that when you actually go to sit down and you can’t think of anything even though you spent three days thinking about it.

-Sits in front of computer screen for 10 minutes-

So I guess before anything I should really tell you about myself. On here (the virtual world of amazingness) I am known a Bellator “Bella” Solus… translating to “Solo Warrior” which is what I am… kind of just happened. And honestly not the best thing that has ever happened it me.

Yes this year… the dreaded YEAR 12! Final year. Last year of school. Tests. Stress. HSC! Can’t honestly say that I am looking that forward to it… I mean although I have been through a lot of shit in my schooling life I have finally found my niche.

I am a single child… not really. I have ONE brother…. Though many would agree with me to say that he is completely awful… probably the equivalent of 10 brothers... ok so that may be a slight exaggeration but it demostrates my point.

I find sanctuary in novels. Many, many novels… though that’s good. If your a total bookworm don’t freak and HIGH FIVE!

-Raises hand in air and waits for response-

Oh I see how it is. But really if you are so involved in some books that they have an effect on your “social life” (or lack of) you can always count to find people at school who are the same. I have picked up in the school library before (yes, it is possible… YES he was hot!) I would name him but “complete-cheating-arsehole-who-thinks-he-is-the-most-amazing-person-on-the-planet-and-doesn’t-need-to-respect-anyone-but-himself”  doesn't translate very well.

Things to look out for when finding said people:

1.Observe coming and going from library

2. If you believe that you can successfully infiltrate the library without been noticed DO THIS remember to look in quiet corners and places that people would go to be avoided. WARNING: there are some weirdo’s in the local library… proceed with caution

3. If you are really good and been “invisible” sneak look over hot guys/girls shoulders when they are packing their bags. You may notice that they, yes these people have a book in their bag. Now you have to subtly ask what they are reading, but it is even better if you can see the cover. Good start to conversation “Hey, I’ve read that! You’re the first person I have seen with it though are you enjoying it” obviously this doesn’t work with well know books like Harry Potter or Twilight. (Why any guy would be reading Twilight is beyond me… but who am I to judge?)

I will post a blog later about the Dos and Don’ts of pickup lines. For now however I leave u to ponder the meaning of life… oh wait I didn’t discuss that… shame…

 Don’t know how much this will help. Feel free to ask for advice and such or just stay tuned for the next blog… in perhaps a few weeks. With all the half yearly shit going on -_-

Farewell, Bella