Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Bit of non-related poetry...

I have been studying my ass off and had no time for you... my lovely, beautiful, loyal followers. That's all 4 of you.

-shakes head disbelieving- 

Anyway to keep you occupied for the next month until I finish exams I am willingly (forcefully) putting up some pieces from my own poetry... I have been a little obsessed with love lately because I have been watching to much Disney and not getting out enough. I actually crave Disney... and have you noticed in the 3rd Cinderella how HOT she is... like OMG!

Anyway this piece I titled My Fair Knight:

My fair Knight wrote to me,
A poem of what could have been.
It was full of love and life,
And his longing for a wife.

His poem was short and sweet.
About how we must meet.
Before the sun must rest tonight,
Our silent love must take flight.

So I rode through that bush today,
Listening carefully for a neigh.
Oh my father would not like,
If he knew of this here hike.

Bushes rustled, birds did call,
Leaves twisted, what a fall!
A creek gurgled close nearby,
And soon my heart did fly!

For coming through the knotted trees.
Was just the man I wished to see.
So strong and brave on his steed,
At last my locked heart was freed!

His vibrant eyes, shady hair,
Coat swing wildly, not a care.
Time did stop in place,
 He began to pick up pace.

He ran to me, a swift embrace,
I didn’t even see his face.
His arms were bare and warm,
Breathing like a thunder storm.

We stood there in the shade,
But soon the sun began to fade.
And with our final kiss,
Something I would dearly miss.

He was gone back into the dark,
But he certainly left a mark.
I could feel his friendly ghost,
Using my body as a host.

The days following were oddly lame,
And no more letters ever came.
I began to believe he had forgotten me,
And gone to live wild and free.

My father pushed me to marry,
A heavy burden for me to carry.
I was crying and screaming,
But he just sat there beaming.

Tired days turned to dead weeks,
I soon began to really freak.
What if he never came?
I didn’t even know his name!

But what difference would it make,
He may even be fake.
A figment of my imagination,
Fuelling my fascination.

Soon the dreaded day arrived,
For me to become a bride.
Waiting in the tiny carriage,
For soon there would be a marriage.

Right past the jail cells,
I startle when I hear a yell.
My hair flew as I look,
Our eyes meet and I was hooked.

I leapt from the cart then,
Like a wild flailing hen.
Our soft moist lips meeting,
However it was very fleeting.

For soon I was pulled away,
Slapped across my face dismayed.
Pulled along by arm and palm,
With each step increasing harm.

Home that night I held myself,
Not giving a rat about my health.
I didn’t wish to eat or drink,
Just giving me time to think.

I snuck out on the third night,
Constantly ready for a fight.
To the top of the wall,
Praying to God I won’t fall.

Along the quiet streets I run,
Unbelieving I used to call this fun.
Into the jail house with a bag,
The man in charge having a fag.

I hand over the bag of gold,
Wondering if I should fold.
But he took the key from next him,
And clasped the red-hot rim.

He slowly turned the key in the lock,
The screeching seemed a laughing mock.
The door squeaked ajar,
And he saw me from a far.

He walked suspiciously towards it,
As though he might not fit.
He fell into my embrace,
With complete and utter grace.

The man in charge turns a blind eye,
As we wave a hysterical goodbye.
Together we walk the lonely streets,
Not knowing what we might meet.

For us the country was our home,
Next to a creek with fluffy white foam.
We walk closely together then,
Neatly towards the very end.

Hope you enjoyed.... If so comment PLEASE... right here.

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Great. I'll post something else in a weeks time or so :D